Leander Stamped Concrete

Concrete. Dull, ugly, and industrial, right? Wrong.

Concrete has made great strides as a construction material in recent years, and it’s still not commonly perceived as being what it is: the most versatile, durable, and effective surface material around.

With the advent of modern concrete stamping, staining, and polishing techniques, the potential styles and appearances of concrete are limited only by your imagination.

Not to mention the variety of finishing methods that can be applied to concrete to specialize it for different applications, such as home interiors and exteriors, or commercial and industrial applications. Leander Stamped Concrete is leading the way in showing just how useful and good-looking concrete can be.

About Us

concrete-brickLeander Stamped Concrete provides a suite of concrete services to the Leander, TX area, including but not limited to stamping, finishing, coating, and overlays.

We are committed to always working quickly, professionally, and effectively, no matter the size or scope of the project.

We have a skilled and experienced team who knows exactly how to get you the best result, and we only use the very best equipment, tools, and materials on our concrete projects. Bringing together premium quality results with a smooth and pleasant customer service experience is our goal and mission, one that we’re proud to pursue.

Our Services

The service we can provide ranges through just about every concrete finishing and the surface niche you might think of, for concrete surfaces both interior and exterior, both commercial and residential.

We strive to be comprehensive with the concrete surfacing services we provide to Leander, TX, and the surrounding region. We can fine-tune your concrete surface to maximize its beauty and appearance, or get the most out of its durability and lifespan, or even tweak it for industrial applications.

In fact, why not all of the above? The truth is, you can’t go wrong with concrete, so let us know what direction you’d like to take your concrete and we can help you realize it.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped-Decorative-Concrete-InstallationsStamped concrete is, to put it mildly, a game-changer. In contrast to the stereotype of concrete as ugly, grey, and unpleasant on the eye, with stamped concrete, you can achieve a huge range of colors, styles, and aesthetics.

Various patterns and textures can be stamped into your concrete, so you can customize it to your liking – even going so far as making your concrete virtually indistinguishable from stone, brick, slate, or wood.

Without any of the downsides of those materials, and with all the benefits of concrete.

Stained Concrete

A slightly less involved but no less effective method of beautifying your concrete is staining.

Staining can give beautiful depth and color to what might ordinarily be a boring, plain concrete floor surface. Compared to standard paint, stain gives concrete a beautiful translucency and depth that looks more like polished marble than concrete. And stains can be applied to just about any concrete surface, new or old, as long as it’s not badly damaged.

Polished Concrete

Yet another tantalizing option for concrete finishing is polishing.

polished-concrete-floorPolishing has the major advantage of needing little to no maintenance for its life – meaning you’ll be set for decades with a smooth, glossy, and aesthetically pleasing concrete surface.

The reflectiveness of the surface means a better lit room, with far more depth to it, and polishing can be done on just about any existing concrete surface without needing to build on top of it, with no need to replace or reinstall any portion of your floor.

Concrete Countertops

Yet another fantastic application of concrete is on countertops. Concrete is just as tough as granite, and it is far more customizable in its appearance. Just as polishing and staining can provide a beautiful concrete floor, so can they make for a lovely concrete countertop. Concrete’s famous for its durability and heat resistance, making it an ideal countertop material. When paired with a high-quality seal and proper after-care, a concrete countertop will look beautiful and retain its function for a long lifespan.

Epoxy Flooring

If you’re in need of a concrete floor coating for a commercial or industrial environment, there’s no solution more suitable than an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy dramatically improves the durability and load-bearing capability of any concrete surface. It can also resist harsh industrial chemicals in addition to water or oil staining. Epoxy is relatively fast and simple to apply, and just about any concrete surface that hasn’t been majorly damaged is a strong candidate for an epoxy coat.

Stamped Overlay

stamped-overlay-concreteDo you love the idea of a stamped concrete surface, but just aren’t ready or able to face the expense of having your existing concrete floors and walkways replaced?

Well, we’ve got good news for you: a stamped concrete overlay can provide virtually all of the benefits of stamped concrete, and we can perform this procedure on nearly any concrete surface that hasn’t been majorly damaged.

If you have a drab existing concrete surface that you’d like to apply a stamped overlay to, get in touch with us to see what the possibilities are.

“Awesome!! Leander Stamped Concrete are the best, I had them make concrete countertops custom-designed for my kitchen, and everyone who’s seen them has been impressed at what it’s possible to do with concrete these days. I was worried about the weight on my wooden cabinets but these guys know what they’re doing.” – Linda H.

“Had Leander Stamped Concrete come in and do my patio. Very efficient and professional crew, had a few laughs with them and they clearly took the job seriously. Would recommend it if you want a good-looking stamped concrete patio. Really made my backyard feel like a whole new place.” – Aaron R.

“I bought a warehouse and wanted to do a fresh coat of epoxy on its floor. I was a bit concerned about cost and timeframe given the square footage involved. Decided to give Leander Stamped Concrete a try and wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t cheap (it wouldn’t be anywhere!) but they worked quickly and the result is A+. Good stuff.” – George B.

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If you find yourself interested or curious about any of our concrete stamping and finishing service you’ve seen listed here, great! So let’s start talking. To get things started, simply reach out to us by phoning us at the number listed here on our website, or else reach us by email or the contact form – we’ll get back to you just as soon as you can. Any kind of inquiry is welcome, no matter if you just want to learn a bit more about what we can do for you, or if you’re ready to get the ball rolling on your concrete project.