A slightly less involved but no less effective method of beautifying your concrete is staining. Staining can give beautiful depth and color to what might ordinarily be a boring, plain concrete floor surface. Compared to standard paint, stain gives concrete a beautiful translucency and depth that looks more like polished marble than concrete. And stains can be applied to just about any concrete surface, new or old, as long as it’s not badly damaged.

Is It Better To Paint or to Stain Concrete

The best way to get the most durable color is with concrete stain. Concrete Mixing Myth busters will tell you that it’s not just on top, but actually penetrates into pores and creates an everlasting effect!

Does Stained Concrete Last?

Concrete is one of the most durable materials on earth, but with regular care, it can last for decades. This means that if you want your floors or patios to outlive all other surfaces in this world then there’s no better option than using stained concrete!

Can My Old Concrete Be Stained?

Yes, it can. The beauty of concrete is that it can be stained in many different colors, patterns, or designs. You just need to make sure the surface has been cleaned and dried before applying your stain so you don’t risk ruining an otherwise good-looking project by putting too much moisture on top!