Maintenance and Repair Tips for Your Concrete

Concrete is not only durable but a highly manipulative materialConcrete is not only durable but a highly manipulative material that has many uses in your home. Concrete is most often used for driveways, walkways, and patios. While it is durable, concrete can become damaged if not maintained properly. Here are some helpful maintenance and repair tips for your concrete.


Clean. Keep your concrete clean by blowing or sweeping away leaves, grass clippings, and dirt at least once a week. If left on your concrete for long periods of time, grass and weeds can begin to take root. They will begin to grow through the fine cracks of your concrete and eventually cause larger cracks.

Remove Stains. Concrete is extremely porous, so a spill can stain it almost immediately, which is why it is important to take action fast after a spill. For grease spills, it is recommended you use kitty litter to soak up the spill and then use a gentle cleanser such as dish soap and water to clean the area after. If accessible, a pressure washer can help remove stains as well.

Apply Sealer. In order to properly protect your concrete, you should apply a sealer every few years to hold the color and to protect it. Before applying the sealer you want to be sure you give it a deep clean. Applying the sealer on a warm day will help with curing and drying process.


Over time concrete can crack or chip. Often, we overlook the strength of concrete and forget to use it properly. For example, a residential driveway is not the best place for heavy construction equipment. You want to avoid running over or placing heavier items on the edge of your driveway or patio. These areas are usually the weakest and can easily break off.

Small Crack and Chip Repair. Smaller spider cracks and chips can be repaired easily with concrete caulking. Most of the items that you will need to perform a small crack repair can be found at your local hardware store. Filling in these gaps will prevent debris and dirt from settling in and damaging the concrete further.

Large Crack Repair. Larger cracks can also be repaired by filling in the crack with a concrete patch kit. Putty knives are a useful tool to spread the mixture over the crack evenly.

have color stain appliedColor Stain. After repairing a crack in your concrete, it may look unattractive. To give it a unique, one-of-a-kind, look and to help cover the repaired crack, you can have color stain applied.

With these helpful tips you can properly maintain and protect your concrete from stains and other damage it can sustain over the years.