Gearing Up to Work With a Residential Concrete Contractor

Getting ready to give your home a major facelift is a cause for excitement and positivity! Whether you’re looking to spruce up for yourself or want to make your home more presentable to buyers, you can’t miss some brand new concrete fixtures for the front of your home! In fact, the National Association of Realtors even explains that 99% of all real estate professionals attribute curb appeal as the primary factor in drawing in buyers!

That being said, not just anyone is worthy of working on your home, your quiet and cozy sanctum! Especially when concerning concrete, knowing you’re working with a trusted professional can alleviate stress and save you some headaches down the road. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you begin your search for the perfect residential concrete contractor!

Start With References

Check referencesEvery search has to start somewhere! Of course, as convenient as the internet has made our lives, starting with a blank search bar and an inexhaustible list of contractors can be more than overwhelming.

Starting your search by getting some references from loved ones can help you cut out days’ worth of time sifting through every prospective candidate! Not only that, speaking to your friends and family can even help you rule out red flag candidates before having to take the time to meet them in person. Ask about things like punctuality, scheduling, budget, even whether or not the contractor was pleasant to work with. Get all of your major questions out of the way now and save yourself a few meetings and estimates.

Get Estimates

After narrowing down your list to maybe 3 or 4 prime candidates, start securing some estimates for how much the project will cost you. Call in the Research cost of laborcontractors and give them a chance to survey your home and gain a firm understanding of just how much your project will cost.

Always remember to resist the urge to go with the lowest estimate, as this isn’t always the best indicator of a good deal. Compare every estimate together and see how they hold up. If one cost is noticeably lower than the average, this could hint towards problems like shoddy workmanship, poor materials, or even flaky contractors so beware!

Write a Contract in Writing

 Create a written agreementOnce you’ve found your match made in heaven, getting the discrepancies of your deal down in writing is a good idea. Start your professional relationship on the right food by clearly defining what you expect out of the project and how much you’re looking to spend.

Include things like the materials needed, the project’s timeline and schedule, as well as the payment schedule and clean up.


Finding your team is just as important as the actual concrete work and construction. Do your homework, and rest assured knowing the effort you put in now will pay off exponentially in the future when the project is complete! If you want a contractor you can rely on to really revamp the appearance of your home or commercial property, get started working with our diligently trained team at Legacy Concrete Works by visiting