Yet another fantastic application of concrete is on countertops. Concrete is just as tough as granite, and it is far more customizable in its appearance. Just as polishing and staining can provide a beautiful concrete floor, so can they make for a lovely concrete countertop. Concrete’s famous for its durability and heat resistance, making it an ideal countertop material. When paired with a high-quality seal and proper after-care, a concrete countertop will look beautiful and retain its function for a long lifespan.

Is Concrete Really a Good Choice for Countertops?

The durability of concrete is reason enough to consider it for your next project, but its resistance to scratches makes this material all the more appealing. don’t get it wrong though. While concrete is not 100% scratch-proof, it does resist scratches remarkably well and can be customized by the addition of small items pressed into its top surface.

Are Concrete Countertops Cheaper Than Granite?

Generally, concrete countertops are not cheaper than granite. The cost of a square foot for one type can vary between $65 and as low as $40 depending on your location and which company you go with. However, most artisan-made products will have higher labor rates which may make them more expensive.